Transportation Company Discusses Shipping Logistics of Hauling Boat Across Country

Hauling a boat across the country is different than hauling a car or truck because it takes up more space on the road. There are usually more regulations that you have to follow when hauling a boat compared to hauling a car or truck. If you’re prepared, then you can get your recreational boat across the country without incident.

1. Examine the Trailer

Before you take your boat on the road, says you need to inspect the trailer that you’re going to use to haul it and the boat itself. Examine the tires on the vehicle you’re driving as well as the vehicle that is carrying the boat. If you see any wear and tear, you need to get the tires fixed as soon as you can so that you don’t have a blowout while traveling. You also need to look at the spare tires to see if there is any damage to them just in case you need to replace a tire while on the road.

How to ship your boat across country safely.

2. Check Tires and Lights

When you’re looking at your tires, tighten the lug nuts so that the tires don’t fly off or become loose while you’re driving. Inflate the tires to the proper air pressure for driving. You can also grease the wheel bearings or get a mechanic to grease and pack them for added safety. You also need to make sure you have a jack and other tools for changing a tire if they are needed. Examine the lights on your vehicle and the trailer. When the trailer and boat are in place, lock the hitch so that it doesn’t move around. Before getting on the road or thinking about towing your boat, it’s a good decision to contact your insurance company to make sure you can haul the boat across the country. Once all of the legalities are in place, cover the boat so that it’s protected while you’re driving.

3. Drive Carefully, Stopping Occasionally

While you’re driving, you might notice the added weight of the boat at first. However, after a few hours, it’ll seem like you’re just driving a larger vehicle with nothing behind you. This can play a factor when you’re trying to change lanes or park because you might not think about the boat. Stop at a few rest areas so that you can check the boat, which can help remind you that it’s on the trailer behind your vehicle. When you’re on the road, use caution when you’re passing other vehicles and trying to get into another lane. You should also use caution when you’re backing up or trying to park. Do everything you can to stay awake. If you have to take a break from driving, stop at a hotel to get a few hours of sleep so that you’re alert while transporting your boat.


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